View Inspections At Organization Level

It's now possible to view equipment Inspection Results at the parent Organization level. This makes it easy to see that maintenance and checks are staying on schedule, organization-wide.

Note: A parent organization sits on top of multiple teams. Inspections can be created at the parent organization level which applies to all kinds of equipment across the entire organization.

Initiate Password Reset For User

As an Admin you can now go to Collections > Personnel > Select Person > Reset Password to initiate a password reset email to a user on their behalf.

2019-11-21 at 11.42.jpg

All they have to do is press [Reset My Password] in the email sent to them.

2019-11-21 at 11.45.jpg

Export Organization Chart As Image

You can now export the Organization Chart of your Roles in D4H Incident Management to an image for inclusion in your ICS207 paperwork.


  • Be able to print organization charts to a single PDF page in landscape.
  • Be able to turn off team name on the header of PDF exports.
  • Be able to turn off ‘Exported By’ and 'Date' on PDF exports.
  • Be able to have A) Default D4H Logo, B) Custom Logo, C) No Logo. This should reflect on both navigation bar, PDF Exports, and shared links

Extra Person Details in Attendance

This applies to the Attendance tab within Incidents in D4H Incident Reporting and Exercises & Events in D4H Personnel & Training.

You have always been able to add the number of Extra Persons / Guests to the attendance lists on an activity. Now you can also add their names and details within a text box below it to document the full details of these extra persons.

Checklist Progression Charts

We've added new progression charts to Task Boards within D4H Incident Management. This makes it simple to see how each function within your Incident Management Team is progressing through the incident.

This new user interface also matches our mobile app, double-click into any checklist to update the tasks behind it.

Qualify Attendees Of An Activity

You're now able to take the Attendance list of an activity (Exercise, Event, or Incident) such as a training course and award those members who attended a Qualification. We'll automatically set the date awarded to match the activity that occurred.

2019-11-18 at 16.39.jpg

Here's a short video to show you how it works:

Member Status Lists

Some teams and organizations have a lot of different custom member statuses which causes the Planning > Members listings page to render very slowly on-screen.

For performance reasons, if you have more than 5 statuses under Operational or Non-Operational we'll now show you a list of all your statuses to select from rather than loading them all on-screen.

This should make your access to the information you need faster.

2019-10-19 at 09.12.jpg

Updated 22-Oct-19: Changed from a maximum of 2 to 5 statuses on one page to reduce clicks required if only a few statuses.

Monthly Organization Calendar

The Organization Calendar is now displayed as both a monthly calendar grid and list format with the ability to go back and forward in time month-by-month.

This extends our recent functionality to use a shared activity as a template.

If you are in a Team which has a parent Organization above it, when creating an activity you are able to choose Display to all teams within your organization. This activity then appears on the Organization Calendar of all teams within your organization.

This is useful when creating activities such as training exercises that are open to other teams within your organization.

2019-10-15 at 16.13.jpg

Public Beta of Incident Management Mobile App

The public beta of our D4H Incident Management native mobile app for Apple iOS and Android devices is now open to testers. If you would like to try it out, please fill in your details here.

2019-10-15 at 16.10.jpg

Personnel Costing Reports at Organization

Our Personnel Costings which are generated as part of an Incident, Exercise, or Event costings are now reportable within the parent Organization. To access this report go to Intelligence > Reports > [Add Custom Report] and select Personnel Costings within your organization.

This report is also available with every Team. To switch on Costings in your team an Account Owner can go to Settings > Costings.

You'll also find a new Grand Total on the Personnel Costings report generated through this method.

2019-10-07 at 17.53.jpg