D4H updates
D4H updates

Organization Equipment Expiry Report


Equipment Management



Our Equipment Expiry Report is now available at Organization level too.

To access it, visit Intelligence > Reports > Create New > Equipment Items in your parent organization.

We've also added the option to filter Expiry Date to Any at both Team and Organization levels so you can export a report of all equipment, not just items expiring.

All reports can be exported and downloaded as a spreadsheet.

Further Personnel & Training API Endpoints


Personnel & Training



  • We have added a parameter include_custom_fields to the list Members endpoint. This will return in bulk the custom field data for each member rather than querying individually:
  • We have added an id_tag parameter to Members which will be used to store an RFID or Barcode against that member in our mobile app:
  • We have added an endpoint to check if the RFID/Barcode is unique across the entire organization and team, excluding the member you are looking up.

Absent Hours Reporting


Personnel & Training



We've added absent hours reporting to a few of our spreadsheet exports.

On the report at Intelligence > Reports > Create New Report > Attendance we've included two new columns, a Total Absent Duration, and a % Duration Attended column for each member of personnel in the time range.

On the individual attendance report for a member in Planning > Members > View Member Profile > View All Activity we now include activities they were absent for in the spreadsheet export along with the duration they were absent for. Previously this only showed attended activities in the spreadsheet.

We're over on [email protected]g if you've got any questions.

Mobile friendly qualification alert emails


Personnel & Training



We've improved the templates used for notifying you of expiring soon or recently expired qualifications. They are now designed to be mobile friendly and use Green Amber Red (GAR) signaling colors to let you know the urgency of the email. Red for expired, amber for warning.

The emails will now only send if you have not since renewed the same qualification extending it out further into the future.


Yellow and white map pins added to color palettes


Incident Management



2021-02-04 at 10.40.png

You can now set yellow and white colors from our color palette when annotating the map.

Equipment Expiry Cost Report


Equipment Management



When checking what equipment is about to expire, you now have the option to download a spreadsheet of your data.

This export includes the quantities and cost of each item, so you can plan ahead by budget period to see what needs replacing.

2021-02-01 at 16.58.png

If you'd like a PDF of the same data, you can access it in Intelligence > Reports > Equipment Items where you can build a more specific report including current status and location filters.

2021-02-01 at 16.58.png

Biometric Authentication to Access Incident Data


Incident Management




Our Incident Management App on iOS and Android now has built-in Biometric Authentication.

When you next open the app, it will use the biometric authentication on your device, your FaceID (facial recognition), or TouchID (fingerprint) to verify it is you using the app. This will work on Android and iOS.

Unlocking the app not only verifies it is you using your device in-person but also un-encrypts your credentials to communicate with D4H when sending or receiving information.

If you switch to another app, we will lock the screen of the app so nobody can see an old screen in your task manager, and is unable to switch back without re-validating by biometric authentication.

If biometric sensors are unavailable the app will revert to a PIN. If you fail more than 3 times to biometrically authenticate the system will ask for your PIN. If you lock yourself out, you can sign-out and back in to re-encrypt your credentials.

We will be bringing this functionality to all of our mobile apps in 2021.

Inspections Spreadsheet Export


Equipment Management



We've added the ability to export a Spreadsheet and PDF of your inspection results. You'll find it in Intelligence > Reports > [Create New] > Inspections.

Export Spreadsheet of all Organization Teams


Multiple Products



2021-01-15 at 14.27.png

It is now possible to download a spreadsheet of all Teams in the Organization account. Press Download as Spreadsheet in the header at the top of the list of teams at Planning>Teams.

Filter Equipment by Expiry Date


Equipment Management



2021-01-11 at 14.40.png

It's now possible to filter our equipment expiry report by Category & Kind. The expiry report also shows quantities expired in the batch if it is a supply.

  • Logistics > Equipment > Categories > (Right Side) By Expiry Date,
  • or click on the By Expiry chip at the top-right of Category or Kind pages.

2021-01-12 at 15.43.png