Filter Status Boards To Assigned Rows

We've added a My Items filter to status boards. This lets you filter a board to see all rows with a relationship to you, your role, or your team.

Create a Relationship Field to either Personnel or Personnel Roles on any Status Board template to activate this functionality.

Initiate Everbridge Phone Calls

2020-07-09 at 11.19.png

It is now possible to use our Everbridge integration to initiate Phone Calls to your Everbridge contacts, as well as SMS Messages, and Emails.

We've added Phone Call as a new channel to select when sending Everbridge mass-notifications from within D4H Incident Management.

Quick Add vs Full Add Status Boards

When designing a Status Board template, you can now select either Quick Add or Standard. Some status boards are suited to long-form entry, some are quick with just a few details.

2020-07-09 at 09.19.png

Quick Add - Will let you add a new row to the status board (this is how it has currently been functioning).

Standard - This is new, it will open the form behind the row so you can fill in all the details.

Task Imports, Printed Logs, Archive & Delete

Improved formatting of printed log

We've improved the formatting of a printed incident log with the removal of some ancillary columns and matching of styles. See 'How to Print' in our Knowledge Base.

Import Task Assignees

Previously you were unable to import the assignee column of a task in a task board. We now recognize an assignee which allows you to move tasks between accounts easily via export/import.

Archive and Delete permissions for Status Board rows

You can now set user permissions to lock down the archive and delete buttons on a status board. Build any permission profile you'd like. See our knowledge base for permissions.

Incident Management Knowledge-Base

We've completed our Incident Management Knowledge-Base. This is a comprehensive user guide to our product.

New Equipment Management Mobile App


  • New user interface & design
  • Associate barcodes with your items
  • Inspections on the move
  • Repairs in the field
  • Available now in the iOS and Android app stores.
  • Read all new features on our blog



Custom Basemap Layers

D4H Incident Management now has the ability to add any custom basemaps as layers. Tile services should be configured in the Zoom / X / Y format. You can also now deactivate or activate our built-in layers.


To learn how to add your own basemaps, read our Knowledge Base article Adding Custom Basemaps.

K9 Activity Hours

It is now possible to select either 'Reporting Year' or 'Last 12 Months' as the date range for activity hours on K9. You'll find this under Planning > K9.

2020-06-08 at 16.06.png

Hours are only visible to Member+ and above.

Account Owners can set your Reporting Year in Settings > Main Settings > Reporting Year.

Custom Field Reporting

2020-05-25 at 14.57.png

Previously when building a Custom Report with a Multi-Select Custom Field, you were only able to AND (All Of) the options.

e.g. "Show Incidents where the type was Structural AND Chemical".

We've now released an upgrade where you can report on a field with OR (Any Of) or AND (All Of) the options.

e.g. "Show Incidents where the type was Structural OR Chemical".

To try it, go to Intelligence > Reports > [Create New Report].

Qualifications API

We've recently added Qualifications data to our API so you can query who holds what qualifications in D4H from another software application. You can also post new qualification awards.

Implementation Ideas

  • Automatically sync qualification data into your badging & ID printing software.
  • Automatically update SMS sending groups based on valid certificates.
  • Automatically award somebody a qualification once they complete an e-learning module.
  • Sync training records with your corporate HR system.

New API Endpoints

Here is a list of the endpoints we've added…

Get A List Of All Qualifications

GET /v2/team/qualifications

Get The Details Of A Specific Qualification

GET /v2/team/qualifications/:id

Get A List Of Members Who Have This Qualification

GET /v2/team/qualifications/:id/qualified-members

Award A Member With A New Qualification

POST /v2/team/qualifications/:id/qualified-members

Get A List Of Qualifications Held By A Member

GET /v2/team/members/:id/qualification-awards

Full Documentation

Our complete API documentation is available at

This was one of the last scheduled feature releases for the V2 API. We are now shifting API efforts towards V3 bringing increased performance, compatibility, and ease of use. We encourage API developers and integrators to fill in this Google Form to contribute towards our design decisions on it.

Changes To Library Audit

We've made some changes to the way the Library in Incident Management functions. The Library is now able to accept any file-type, including photos, videos, PDF, Word Documents, Spreadsheets, etc. We're also using our new preview pane to view all photos posted in the Log too.

As users can now quickly browse through previews of galleries of images at speed, we will no longer be posting to the All tab of Updates every time a user Opens or Closes a library file for viewing.

This was inconsistent with other modules and increases performance across the system.