Minor Updates

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  • When you create a blank draft Incident we will set the start and end times to 'Now' with a zero minute duration. This should mean less adjusting of the time picker for most teams who enter their paperwork immediately. Previously we set the incident from 0900-1700 as a holder.
  • Many teams have single person Incidents where the person adding the draft Incident report is the only attendee. To make this quicker, we've put the name of the signed-in user at the top of the Attendance picker as 'Me'.
  • It is now possible to filter your Charts by any Tag. Previously it was only possible to filter by Bundle.

Electronic Signatures and Form Locking

We've added Electronic Signatures as a Field Type in D4H Incident Management. This will allow you to sign status boards, tasks, and forms from both the web and mobile applications. Signing a form will Lock it from future edits.

Drawing Your Signature

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Automatic Signature Generator

If you don't want to draw, we'll generate an automatic signature for you in a handwritten script.

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Uploading Your Signature

If you have a photo of your signature, you can upload it as your default one. Single-click sign and lock forms from here.

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Locking A Form

Signing a form will Lock it. This means that it is uneditable by you or other users. Whoever signed the form, approved it. Unlocking a form will erase all signatures on the form. Unlock a form from the context menu.

Persons Involved Custom Field Export

When you run a Persons Involved Custom Report using our self-service reporting (Intelligence > Reports > [+ Add New] > Persons Involved) your spreadsheet export will now have all Custom Field values assigned against the person involved.

See our knowledge base on How To Add Custom Fields.

Organization Group Emailing By Team

We've previously supported the ability to BCC email the organization Members within a Group. This prepared an email to send to every member within the group across the entire Organization or division.

We've now added the ability to target that email to members just in specific Teams within an Organization-based group rather than every team.

Within the parent Organization view above your teams, click Planning > Groups > Select a Group > Click the Envelope.

2020-09-03 at 17.53.png

Improved Supply Levels

We've improved the user interface for Supply Levels to make it cleaner to see what is required and whether you meet your set Required Levels.

We've also made the display more relevant by hiding any supplies where an Equipment Location has 0 items, and 0 items are required in that location.

2020-09-03 at 17.46.png

Populate Form With A Status Board

Within D4H Incident Management it is now possible to populate the contents of a form with a Status Board or Task Board.

On a Table Field (See Form Builder & Field Types for more) you can More Options [â‹®] > Link Table To A Module and select imported columns or a combination of free-text and imported values.

You can even add Filters to the data, so for instance, you may only want 'Damaged Properties' from your Damage Assessment on your Form, or 'Open Shelters' on your Situation Report.

For more, read our Knowledge Base Article on the topic.

Faster Channels

As COVID-19 rolled on for months & months, channels grew & grew. As we stored 'Everything' offline, channels became slow to load for first time users - some encountered memory limitations in old browsers.

We have done significant work to increase the performance of these channels by storing less offline.


  • Very fast loading for users joining the channel.
  • Much quicker responsiveness.
  • You can still make log posts while offline.
  • All changes while offline are still audited.
  • Seamless experience between on-line & off-line data.


  • While all status & task boards are still offline, your entire audit log is no longer browsable without a connection.
  • You will need to connect to the internet to search your log.

The performance increase is notable. Enjoy!

Document Library in Mobile App

The iOS and Android mobile apps for D4H Incident Management have had the Document Library functionality added to them.

Your Incident Management Team can now access your shared reference material, documents, and bookmarks from their mobile device during an incident.

Equipment Location Descriptions

2020-08-28 at 17.47.png

2020-08-28 at 17.54.png

It's now possible to add a text 'Description' to your equipment Locations in D4H Equipment Management. No matter if that location is a Fire Station, Warehouse, Stockpile, or as in these screenshots… avalanche rescue equipment in a Ski Lodge. Add notes, requirements, project details, or deployment contact details.

2020-08-28 at 17.48.png

The description will be shown when you browse to the location. To update a description, press [Update Details] on the location.

Filter Status Boards To Assigned Rows

We've added a My Items filter to status boards. This lets you filter a board to see all rows with a relationship to you, your role, or your team.

Create a Relationship Field to either Personnel or Personnel Roles on any Status Board template to activate this functionality.