Custom Field Reporting

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Previously when building a Custom Report with a Multi-Select Custom Field, you were only able to AND (All Of) the options.

e.g. "Show Incidents where the type was Structural AND Chemical".

We've now released an upgrade where you can report on a field with OR (Any Of) or AND (All Of) the options.

e.g. "Show Incidents where the type was Structural OR Chemical".

To try it, go to Intelligence > Reports > [Create New Report].

Qualifications API

We've recently added Qualifications data to our API so you can query who holds what qualifications in D4H from another software application. You can also post new qualification awards.

Implementation Ideas

  • Automatically sync qualification data into your badging & ID printing software.
  • Automatically update SMS sending groups based on valid certificates.
  • Automatically award somebody a qualification once they complete an e-learning module.
  • Sync training records with your corporate HR system.

New API Endpoints

Here is a list of the endpoints we've added…

Get A List Of All Qualifications

GET /v2/team/qualifications

Get The Details Of A Specific Qualification

GET /v2/team/qualifications/:id

Get A List Of Members Who Have This Qualification

GET /v2/team/qualifications/:id/qualified-members

Award A Member With A New Qualification

POST /v2/team/qualifications/:id/qualified-members

Get A List Of Qualifications Held By A Member

GET /v2/team/members/:id/qualification-awards

Full Documentation

Our complete API documentation is available at

This was one of the last scheduled feature releases for the V2 API. We are now shifting API efforts towards V3 bringing increased performance, compatibility, and ease of use. We encourage API developers and integrators to fill in this Google Form to contribute towards our design decisions on it.

Changes To Library Audit

We've made some changes to the way the Library in Incident Management functions. The Library is now able to accept any file-type, including photos, videos, PDF, Word Documents, Spreadsheets, etc. We're also using our new preview pane to view all photos posted in the Log too.

As users can now quickly browse through previews of galleries of images at speed, we will no longer be posting to the All tab of Updates every time a user Opens or Closes a library file for viewing.

This was inconsistent with other modules and increases performance across the system.

Organization Whiteboard Notes

We've added the Whiteboard module to every Organization on D4H. This was a special request during COVID-19 to help distribute updates and messaging to personnel across a region.

When an Organization adds a new note, it will appear on the whiteboards of all Teams within their organization.

2020-04-06 at 09.55.png

Whiteboard notes clear automatically after a set number of days and can be marked as Normal or Important. It is possible to attach an external link to a note too.

2020-04-06 at 09.50.png

Being able to add organization-wide whiteboard notes is a special user permission within your organization account. If it doesn't appear in your organization and you are the owner, contact [email protected] and we'll enable it for you.

Faster, Better, Larger File Uploads

New Features

  • We've completely re-written the file upload storage system for better performance, faster access, and larger uploads.

2020-03-30 at 21.08.png

  • You can now upload files of any type to the Library. Photos, Videos, Word Documents, Spreadsheets, no problem to share them with everyone.

2020-03-30 at 21.07.png

  • If an image is uploaded to the Library, we generate an in-browser preview for you so you don't have to download the original. We already did this for PDF files. Please note, if you want to Tag posts in the Log against a library file, you should single-click it with the Log open on the right.

2020-03-30 at 21.07.png

  • Form fields which are Area (Map Feature) will produce a much larger map image in PDF report.

2020-03-30 at 21.14.png

  • Form fields which are Area (Map Feature) will produce a much larger map image in the form itself.

2020-03-30 at 21.12.png

  • When printing a PDF of a Form with a field type of File, and that field has a photo uploaded we now print the image much larger rather than a thumbnail.

2020-03-30 at 21.09.png

  • Images uploaded to a File field on a form used to show as a square thumbnail. They now show much larger.

2020-03-30 at 21.05.png

  • Media previews for files attached to a Log post are now displayed much larger.

2020-03-30 at 21.26.png


  • We've removed the unnecessary 'Post Message' box Audit / All tab within Updates. The only place you can now post is on the Log, this is the correct place. You can still star audit trail items into the Log but you cannot unstar manually posted log entries.

2020-03-30 at 21.21.png

  • We've implemented a better randomized reconnect backoff strategy to help you reconnect after a connection loss.

2020-03-30 at 21.23.png

  • We've added a nicer default logo if you don't specify one. This infinity symbol is our new product logo for Incident Management.



  • You can no longer archive a status board when it is opened, you can only do this from the previous screen.
  • Pressing the Enter/Return key no longer saved/closed some fields. Now it does again!
  • Some people couldn't open task categories on Safari iPad. Fixed!

πŸ€– Custom Fields API

What is an API?

It's not a beer! API, not IPA! An API is a set of definitions and protocols for building and integrating software. API stands for Application Programming Interface.

APIs let a product or service communicate with other products and services without having to know how they’re implemented.

For example, we use other APIs to pull in weather, send text messages, and similar 3rd party interactions. It allows you to build integrations between products.

What are Custom Fields in D4H?

Our Custom Fields feature allows you to add any data fields you want to a Member, Equipment Item, Incident Report, Incident Weather, Incident Person Involved, Team, Exercise Report, Event Report, Health & Safety Report, or a common field on all Activities. So for example, you might record 'Allergies' against a member, or a 'PO Number' against an item of equipment; you can customize D4H infinitely.

These fields can be different data types; Text (Single-line), Text Area (Multi-line), Date (Calendar), DateTime (Time Entry & Calendar), Single Choice (Dropdown), Multiple Choice (Multi-Select Dropdown), Numeric (Number), Time (Time Entry). For example, you could force a 'Risk Assessment Date' to be a Date & Time on a Training Exercise.

Custom Fields are grouped into headings called Custom Field Bundles. We take care of the creation and deletion of bundles, all you have to do is enter the title of the bundle you wish to use on the create or update of a field.

Ok great! What can I do with the Custom Fields API?

To get this level of customization, custom fields have to be a complex service. We built them before we had an API and we never added them to it afterward. This meant we could never include data from custom fields in our mobile apps, and customers building their own integrations could not get access to this data.

Since October we've been re-building the Custom Fields feature from the ground up, which is a shared-service across our products Personnel & Training, Equipment Management, and Incident Reporting. We're glad to say it's now fully available across our API at both Team and Organization levels.

  1. You can now access your custom fields data from a 3rd party application or script.
  2. You can now create, edit, and delete custom fields from a 3rd party application.
  3. We can now integrate custom field data into our mobile apps.

Release Notes (v9.21.0)

  • UI Improvements to Team > Settings > Custom Fields in the web app.

  • We've added the /v2/team/custom-fields API endpoint to teams.

    • GET /v2/team/custom-fields - List all Custom Fields.
    • POST v2/team/custom-fields - Create a Custom Field.
    • GET /v2/team/custom-fields/{id} - Get a Custom Field.
    • PUT /v2/team/custom-fields/{id} - Update a Custom Field.
    • DELETE /v2/team/custom-fields/{id} - Delete a Custom Field.
  • We've added the /v2/team/custom-fields/bundles endpoint.

    • GET /v2/team/custom-fields/bundles - List all Custom Field Bundles.
    • Custom Field Bundles are created and updated automatically as you create and update your Custom Fields.
  • We've added the /v2/team/custom-fields/{entity_type}/{entity_id} API endpoint to teams.

    • GET /v2/team/custom-fields/{entity_type}/{entity_id} - Get the Custom Fields and Custom Field Values for a specific entity.
    • PUT /v2/team/custom-fields/{entity_type}/{entity_id} - Set the Custom Field Value for a specific entity.

See our API Documentation for complete details.

We're looking forward to seeing what you create.

πŸ“ Equipment On A Map

New in D4H Equipment Management. Read about our new global equipment visualization interface on our blog.

Browse your equipment by map to get a geographical sense of where the nearest asset is located.

Video Overview

Watch video screencast.


Team Level

  • View Equipment Category
  • View Equipment Kind
  • List All Equipment Locations
  • View Equipment Location
  • Update Equipment Location

Organization Level

Within an organization, all equipment located in a team will inherit the base location of that team unless a specific location has been specified.

  • View Equipment Category
  • View Equipment Kind

For further instructions, see our blog.

πŸ“± Incident Management Mobile App


We're pleased to announce our new mobile app for the D4H Incident Management product. If you don't have a subscription yet, you can find out more here.

πŸ” View Inspections At Organization Level

It's now possible to view equipment Inspection Results at the parent Organization level. This makes it easy to see that maintenance and checks are staying on schedule, organization-wide.

Note: A parent organization sits on top of multiple teams. Inspections can be created at the parent organization level which applies to all kinds of equipment across the entire organization.

πŸ”‘ Initiate Password Reset For User

As an Admin you can now go to Collections > Personnel > Select Person > Reset Password to initiate a password reset email to a user on their behalf.

2019-11-21 at 11.42.jpg

All they have to do is press [Reset My Password] in the email sent to them.

2019-11-21 at 11.45.jpg